What is OneRedmond?

We are your Chamber of Commerce. We connect commerce to community by delivering resources and guidance to our businesses. Our member businesses have access to high-quality healthcare plans at a discounted price, free advising services, local-area discounts, and more.

We are your Economic and Workforce Development Enterprise. With a unified voice, we advocate for our companies to keep an environment where small businesses can thrive, and for the future of our community that includes affordable housing, transportation, and education. As a leading partner in the Innovation Triangle OneRedmond works with the Cities of Bellevue and Kirkland to provide world-class business recruitment service.

We are your Partner. As a public/private partnership, we can do more in less time. Our members represent government, business, education, and community. Working together, we will bring our community to a future with well-paying, family-wage jobs, a future with strength in diversity and inclusivity, and a future with affordable housing and a sustainable environment.

We are your Community Foundation.  Our mission is to support the city of Redmond’s businesses – both big and small –  and to support our workforce, our citizens.

COVID-19 Response

OneRedmond is helping thousands of local businesses through our free small business advising services, and our Eastside Recovery Hub brand and hosting small-business-focused financial webinar series. This website became the portal of 24/7 resources and information to small businesses throughout East King County and beyond.

Complimenting OneRedmond’s work, the OneRedmond Foundation quickly pivoted to small business support by creating the Eastside Small Business Recovery Fund.

OneRedmond in Action

OneRedmond strives to make the city  of Redmond an amazing place to work, live, and play. But we are more than just ribbon cuttings and events. Priorities for 2022 include affordable workforce housing, transportation, and education. 

We also are the home for the Washington Interactive Network brand which centers around the interactive entertainment industry, as well as a strategic partner with the Innovation Triangle, which works to brand the region as the global hub for innovative technologies, communities, and conversations. 

Our Members and Stakeholders

Our members are the reason we succeed. We are proud to be supported by a diverse collection of companies who have invested in the economic growth of our city. Whether you are a small company, or a multi-national corporation, we invite you to become a member and invest in OneRedmond. We are a connected community of Redmond enthusiasts.

The OneRedmond Board

The OneRedmond Staff

The OneRedmond staff and OneEastside SPARK business advisors are here to support you. If you’d like to join us, check out our Careers page for any available opportunities.

The OneRedmond Foundation

What is the OneRedmond Foundation? Did you know that OneRedmond has its own Foundation, dedicated to growing the culture of the city through community events and activities? Read all about it here.