More satellites made in Redmond, WA than anywhere else in the world.

We often hear the “road to Mars leads through Redmond,” from Aerojet Rocketdyne, a company who has been in Redmond since 1967. Their propulsion systems are installed on every satellite system launched by the United States. Redmond’s robust and growing commercial space sector also includes Honeywell Aerospace (sensors), Kymeta (flat panel antenna and hybrid cellular-satellite data service), Microsoft’s Azure Space (combining the possibilities of space with the power of the cloud), Project Kuiper (satellite network to provide global high-speed internet), RBC Signals (space communications), SpaceX (Starlink broadband satellites), Spectralux (advanced satellite data communications devices), and Triumph (motion, control & power systems).

Our ecosystem also includes innovators in the New Space industry including rising star Xplore.

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The Redmond Space District is part of Washington State’s broader New Space and Aerospace industry.  Please check out our wonderful industry partners below.

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