More satellites are made in Redmond, WA than anywhere else in the world.

Redmond, Washington is home to an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem of the space industry. Leveraging historical strengths in information technology, manufacturing and aerospace, Redmond provides a rich environment for space companies to grow and prosper.

Redmond is the leading global satellite hub with more satellites manufactured in Redmond, Washington than any other city in the World. Redmond-based companies produce over half of the satellites in earth’s orbit. Based on current and future FCC approved satellites, Redmond companies are projected to manufacturer more than 75% of the world’s satellites in the near future.

Redmond’s robust and growing commercial space sector includes: Aerojet Rocketdyne/L3 Harris, SpaceX, Project Kuiper, Honeywell Aerospace, Kymeta, Microsoft’s Azure Orbital, RBC Signals, Spectralux, Triumph, Xplore, and Quartus Engineering.

The newly designated Redmond Space District is part of Washington State’s broader New Space and Aerospace industry. Washington State is well positioned to become a global leader in the space industry, with Redmond as one if its shining stars.

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Redmond Space District Goals

  1. Support the growth of the existing space cluster in Redmond
  2. Recruit new companies to the area
  3. Coordinate with regional partners
  4. Strengthen the workforce pipeline and youth attainment of STEM degrees

Statewide Industry Sector Fact Sheet

King County Air & Space Strategy 2030

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State of the Space Industrial Base

The inaugural Seattle State of the Space Industrial Base (SSIB) Workshop and Networking Reception hosted by Space Northwest on April 4 – 5, 2023, brought together key stakeholders from the national space sector, including representatives from the Defense Innovation Unit, U.S. Space Force, and Air Force Research Laboratory. The SSIB report annually serves as a major opportunity to assess opportunities and threats to the U.S. space industrial base. With the potential for growth and job creation and the recent introduction of the Redmond Space District, Redmond is poised to continue developing its reputation as a leader in the space industry.

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The Redmond Space District is part of Washington State’s broader New Space and Aerospace industry.  Please check out our wonderful industry partners below.

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