Investing in Recovery, Investing in Our Future

The OneRedmond Foundation is a community and economic development 501c3 organization. During the COVID-19 crisis, the Foundation quickly pivoted to help create the OneEastside Foundation to respond to the devastating effects of the pandemic to help East King County small businesses with economic recovery.

The move came with the creation of the Eastside Small Business Recovery Fund which supports our small businesses with free-of-charge, one-on-one advising services. As we look forward, additional services are needed and we hope to grow this fund to provide assistance to more of our local small businesses.

OneRedmond Foundation also has a mission to activate the streets of Redmond’s two urban centers, Downtown and Overlake, through activities, events, arts, and culture. During the pandemic, we’ve been able to combine our two missions through events like Fuel the Dragon.

OneRedmond Foundation is managed by a separate Board of Directors, the OneRedmond Foundation is a stand-alone enterprise registered as a charitable not-for profit corporation.

For Tax-Deductible Contributions Larger Than $5,000 Please Send Check to:

OneEastside Foundation
8383 158th Avenue NE, Suite 225
Redmond, Washington 98052
Tax ID#: 27-1122671

For Employer Matching Contributions:

OneRedmond Foundation d/b/a OneEastside Foundation
8383 158th Avenue NE, Suite 225
Redmond, Washington 98052
Tax ID#: 27-1122671

Redmond's Fuel the Dragon Returns!

Don’t Miss it! Dragons Are Coming in Winter 2021!

Looking for fun while supporting local businesses? Fuel the Dragon: a unique Passport Game where you can win prizes starting February 26th by spending money at our local small businesses. Fuel the Dragon is a virtual game to be enjoyed by the whole family. Throughout the City of Redmond, over 35 of our local restaurants and retail will be offering dragon-themed items. Track your purchases to fill your passport card for prizes.

For more information and to download your passport, go to:

Redmond Love Notes

Send your loved ones a Redmond Love Note, give the gift of gratitude, or express your passion in poetry. You can even enter our Redmond Love Notes contest to win an overnight stay in a Redmond hotel. For more information, go to

Our Fun Summer Games Events Will Be Back
When Health Conditions Allow

OneRedmond’s 2019 Summer of Games!

The World’s Largest Game of Simon is one-of-a-kind event that is centered around the original memory game of Simon. As the World’s Largest Memory Game, teams will compete to replicate the sequences of light and sounds by racing together to the correct color pads on our 20×20 foot replica of the Game of Simon. The top six teams with the highest scores will move on to a final round to determine our champion. Medals will be awarded to the top three teams at the end of the evening.

Dragon Run is a family-friendly interactive scavenger hunt that was developed by local businesses to deliver an accessible experience for all. Finding and collecting dragons is the main goal for the players. Each game station or kiosk has one or two “special dragon” that rewards the player with a prize when it is found. Upon completion, the participants receive a dragon photo with their family and friends, a Dragon Keeper certificate and t-shirt.

Redmond is home to many events and activities including Annual Derby Days and So Bazaar.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

The OneRedmond Foundation Board