Local Advocacy
OneRedmond Government Affairs

The OneRedmond Government Affairs Committee is laser-focused on a business-friendly City of Redmond. In partnership with the city, this committee works continuously to ensure the laws, regulations, programs and processes enacted by public agencies respond to and support the needs of Redmond’s business retention and expansion efforts. It is a collaboration of all stakeholders to work for the adoption of policies that support success. 

For our members, this committee acts as an advocate when issues arise which may adversely impact a business, and collaborates to create effective solutions.

State-level Advocacy
OneRedmond’s Partnerships with AWB, WEDA, and EKCC

To advocate for critical business legislation at the state level, OneRedmond has developed relationships with our local law makers and also works in partnership with three organizations. The first is the Association of Washington Businesses (AWB), Washington’s oldest and largest statewide business association, and serves as both the state’s chamber of commerce and the manufacturing and technology association. 

To advocate for economic development issues and to support economic resiliency across East King County, OneRedmond is an active member of the state-wide organization Washington Economic Development Association. Priorities for 2022 include: Strengthening the Economic Development Ecosystem; Fostering Catalysts for Job Recovery & Growth; and Increasing Prosperity for All. 

OneRedmond also serves on the East King Chambers Coalition, a committee of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, to help represent the Eastside business community and enables these chambers to advocate as a group on legislative issues. The Coalition develops a variety of annual position papers and brings lawmakers and business leaders together through events twice a year.

Federal-Level Advocacy
OneRedmond’s One-on-One Relationships

OneRedmond has established strong relationships with our region’s federal delegation. As one of the few recipients of a federal grant during the pandemic, OneRedmond has demonstrated a high-level of effectiveness in serving and supporting the business community in Redmond and East King County. With this reputation, our congressional members will often call on the OneRedmond team to coordinate leadership visits to businesses. As the only public/private economic development entity in East King County, OneRedmond also gives insights and data in regard to the state of our local business community and what is needed to keep our economy resilient particularly as it relates to legislation that is being developed.

Another focus for OneRedmond is to ensure or elected leadership understands the importance of our technology and advanced manufacturing businesses to our region’s economy. Washington State surpassed Colorado as the global center for satellite production, as more satellites that are orbiting earth are made in Redmond than anywhere else in the world.