Dr. Eric Murray

OneRedmond Board Member - President, Cascadia Community College

Dr. Murray comes to Cascadia as an experienced administrator and teacher in higher education. He has served students since 1992 when he began his first position at UCLA in residential housing. From UCLA, he went on to the University of Montana-Western as the Dean of Student Affairs, and then to North Idaho College where he served as Vice President of Student Services.

His educational background includes bachelor’s degrees in Germanic Languages and Psychology, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees in Psychology, all from UCLA. In addition to serving students outside the classroom, Dr. Murray has taught psychology and special education courses to students at each institution where he has worked.

Dr. Murray’s desire to provide leadership at each of these institutions has motivated him to become an expert in college accreditation processes, strategic planning, staff management, crisis management, and student development. He has been a trainer for law enforcement, large corporations, and multiple universities and colleges.

Since 2010, under Dr. Murray’s leadership, Cascadia’s student enrollment has grown by 17%, the campus has developed a new strategic plan, and the campus has a new 20-year Master Plan for the development of its facilities.

Dr. Murray has led the region in developing biotech partnerships with industry and forging pathways for students to the University of Washington.

Dr. Murray has twice been the Chair of the state’s capital committee for Community and Technical Colleges and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the system’s legislative efforts.


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