Leaders Influencing the Future of Redmond and East King County

Chamber, Economic Development Enterprise, & Community Foundation

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Challenges We Are Facing Today

  1. Evolving Pandemic-related effects on the economy, competition for jobs and capital investment
  2. Uncertain workforce availability
  3. Challenging environment for business growth

To Address These Challenges We Need to Have Interconnected Goals:

  1. Strengthen Business Climate and Quality of Place to create a more vibrant community with capital investment. To attract new residents and tourists. (we address these through: Advocacy, TPA, Affordable Housing, transportation, etc) 
  2. Attract and Retain Talent so employers can find and keep the talent they want and need and to improve the area’s workforce quality, quantity, and alignment. (We address these through: Industry and Education Connections and sector roundtables, OneEastside Job board) 
  3. Grow Jobs and Investment in our communities to create an economically diverse and resilient economy bring new jobs with new and expanding businesses. (we do this through our partnership with the Cities of Bellevue and Kirkland through the Innovation Triangle brand, Industry Cluster Economic Development, etc.) 

Key Factors to Success

Regional Collaboration: When we collaborate in our economic development activities through the innovation triangle, we are stronger and more competitive in the world economy. 

Improve Equality of Access and Opportunity: Leverage our existing strength with our nationally recognized program, OneEastside SPARK, to continue the collaboration across 23 cities in towns across East King County in partnership with Community Based Organization, City Economic Development Staff and Chambers of Commerce on economic development activities. 

Nurture and Innovative Economy: Advocating for a business climate that supports innovation is critical to our economic resiliency.  

Pursue objectives goals and report results: What gets measured gets managed and target outputs and outcomes will be identified to track progress. 

Economic Development Investor Levels

These Investor levels support the international award-winning work of OneRedmond and their OneEastside SPARK programs. All these investment levels also include the annual Business Advocate Membership to OneRedmond and are a compilation of the total annual investment in the organization and our initiatives.

OneEastside: Stronger Together | Strategic Initiative 2022-2026

Click the icon to view the OneRedmond and OneEastside 2022-2026 Strategic Initiative plan.