Redmond Needs An All-Season Cultural Gathering & STEAM Center

With a population of 73,000 and growing in Redmond, and another 700,000 in the surrounding Eastside localities, this region has only a limited number of dedicated all-season flexible cultural gathering and community programming spaces suitable to meet the needs of this culturally diverse, highly educated population.

“I hope this really happens. I raised my children in Redmond and there was nothing like this for my kids. Now I have grandchildren and would love to take them here!”
   – Redmond Resident/Local Bank Assistant Manager

Prashanthi Chitre Institute of Performing Arts; Photo by: Unfiltered Photographers

Marymoor Arts & Sciences Center (MASC)

Vision: The Marymoor Arts & Sciences Center meets Redmond’s growing, diverse community need for all-season cultural gathering, STEAM education and programming spaces with complimentary affordable housing.

Mission: To be a community hub for STEAM-related organizations by providing affordable, multi-use spaces for programming in the Arts and Sciences for all people in Redmond, the Puget Sound region, and beyond.

Marymoor Arts & Sciences Center & Affordable Housing Components:

Flexible, Affordable Cultural & Community Gathering Spaces

The Center would offer a series of flexible spaces to gather and learn, including a large flexible performing arts space that can be transformed with technology to a flat-floor exhibition or banquet space. With seating between 700-1,200, this flexible space can hold multiple types of events in one day. Additional spaces within the Center would carry on the flexible concept of being utilized for various types of programming during the morning, day, and evening, including the Planetarium.

Affordable, Multi-Generational Housing and Amenities

This concept would include a rich combination of workforce, artist and senior housing to meet the need on the eastside for additional affordable housing options. Ideally 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, including accessible units would be available for rent with high quality indoor and outdoor amenities. Homeownership opportunities will also be explored. First floor commercial could include a daycare center and cafe.

 STEAM Programming Hub for All Ages

As Redmond continues to grow, inevitably some small businesses and non-profits are experiencing a higher cost to maintain operations and are facing displacement. The Center aims to be a hub for displaced or expanding STEAM organizations, offering enriching cross-connecting programming in the arts and sciences with community and regional partners.

Innovation Destination

Redmond and the Puget Sound region are known throughout the world as a premier center for science, technology, and engineering innovation, however, the city does not have a space dedicated to showcasing these rich assets to the community and beyond. By 2025, Redmond will have four light rail stations, connecting the city to the Puget Sound region. Ensuring Redmond is a premier destination for STEAM experiences would support the region through community connection, vibrancy and economic impact.

Building 1 Concept - The Marymoor Arts & Sciences Center

A 700-1,200 seat flexible performance theater & event space

that would be multi-use, potentially subdividable, and flexible, transitioning from performance theatre seating to flat floor, depending on the requirements of the use. Included would be a commercial kitchen, additional back theatre spaces and amenities for guests.

State-of-the-Art Planetarium & Theatre

with seating capacity between 80-120 and a 40-50 ft dome, this would be one of the only publicly accessible planetariums on the Eastside. With flexible seating and equipment set-up, this space could offer educational planetarium shows during the day to students and be an intimate performance venue or wedding ceremony location at other times of the day as well.

STEAM Practice & Programing Rooms

On the upper floors of the Center, a series of rooms would be available including flexible spaces for community gathering and performances, practice rooms with spring floors and sound proofing, and educational spaces for children’s camps and adult training and programming alike. 

Smaller Gathering Spaces

Quiet corridors and corners, as well as light-filled, larger atriums and outdoor spaces alike located throughout the Center would be available for use as for smaller receptions, art exhibits, and performances.

STEAM Co-Working Spaces

Affordable co-working spaces and shared office amenities would be offered on the upper floors of the center for STEAM-related businesses and non-profit organizations. The opportunity for shared service providers would be explored by the partner organizations as well.

Guest 3rd Place Amenities

Amenities for guests throughout the day such as a coffee/restaurant/wine bar, gift shop, reading nooks, and other “3rd place” spaces are envisioned at the Center for gathering, shopping and enjoying quiet concentration.

The Outdoor Spaces

Beautiful and educational STEAM-themed outdoor garden spaces for public gathering and touring, private events, and use by the tenants of the buildings, both the housing and the Center, would be created throughout the complex, expanding potentially to Marymoor Park.

Building 2 Concept - The Residences

Located steps away from the Marymoor Light Rail Station and the Marymoor Arts & Sciences Center, this set of both high-rise and mid-rise buildings would feature stunning vistas of Marymoor Park and Mount Ranier, and offer high quality amenities to its multi-generational residents and affordable prices.

Affordable Workforce/Artist Apartments


  • With 1, 2, and 3+ units
  • Indoor amenities
  • Outdoor amenities
  • Special MASC membership programming

Affordable 55+ Apartments


  • With studio, 1 and 2 bedroom units
  • Indoor amenities
  • Outdoor amenities
  • Special MASC membership programming

Affordable Homeownership Units


  • Separate 6-story buildings with condo/townhouses with ownership provisions
  • Indoor amenities
  • Outdoor amenities
  • Special MASC membership programming

Timeline & Next Steps:

Currently, the OneRedmond Foundation is working with the University of Washington’s School of Built Environment on a series of studies to fine tune the MASC concept. Check back in June 2024 for additional updates!

Your Feedback

Your thoughts and feedback are requested! The OneRedmond Foundation has met with many arts, cultural, and science organizations and community stakeholders to learn of their needs and interests. Their collective feedback has helped to inform and create this Center’s mission and components. OneRedmond is keen to hear feedback from all community, non-profit, and for-profit organizations in Redmond to learn about their needs and listen to their thoughts in the proposed Redmond International Arts & Science Center.

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