Dr. Eric J. Scroggins

VP/Manager, Banner Bank

Dr. Eric J. Scroggins is Vice President and Manager of Banner Bank in Redmond and has served on the board of directors for OneRedmond since its inception.  He is also an author, professional keynote speaker, and executive leadership coach.  Over the past 25 years, Eric has worked in various capacities from top performing “out of the box thinking” banker to senior pastor of 2 growing churches. 

In his role as Vice President and Manager of Banner Bank in Redmond, Dr. Scroggins manages the portfolio of a $100 million branch comprised of small to mid-sized businesses and consumers.  He specializes in partnering with businesses to gain access to capital, refine their business strategies and developing the resources needed to grow their companies.  In keeping with his service-based focus, Eric is also the founder and president of his own foundation called M6 Global Resources, which is an organization that raises capital to fund worthwhile humanitarian organizations around the world.


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