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Home to some of the world’s most innovative companies, Redmond and the Puget Sound area offer employers a rich pool of talent to build world-class companies.  In turn, the area’s abundant world-class recreational opportunities, celebrated natural beauty, vibrant cultural scene, fine dining, and strong schools give the world’s most sought-after talent a host of reasons to commit to the city of Redmond.

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For Small Business

Redmond is a quickly-growing local economy, boosted by a large number of thriving small businesses operating in a diverse range of industries. OneRedmond actively invests in companies of all sizes through a variety of business support services.

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For Commercial Enterprise

Redmond is where companies come to change the world. Our highly-skilled talent base, business-friendly city, and outdoor lifestyle are just three reasons why Redmond is known for innovation across the world. 

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For Community

Redmond is treasured for its attractive character, natural setting, friendly diversity, and welcoming atmosphere. OneRedmond connects to community by hosting monthly networking activities, as well as several public events throughout the year.

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Key Industries

Redmond is an ideal city for a diverse range of companies of all sizes, and from all industries. With Redmond's reputation as a world-wide leader in technological innovation, the city has become a hub for several key industries.

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Enterprise Software

Commercial Space & Aerospace

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How to Invest in OneRedmond

OneRedmond is successful because of the active investment of its membership base. We invite you to join us. Investing in OneRedmond provides a brilliant avenue for connecting with other movers and shakers across many different industries. Whether you are a new business in the area, or an established pillar of our community, we work to ignite opportunities for everyone.

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