Light Rail is Here! Two More Stations Coming to Redmond!

Sound Transit, the Seattle region’s transit service, is expanding its Link light rail service throughout the region, including the Eastside and into Redmond. On April 27, 2024 Sound Transit officially opened the 2Line which connects Bellevue to Redmond. Next up will be the two more stops serving Marymoor Park and Redmond Town Center.

The Redmond Link Extension will connect Redmond to downtown Bellevue in 15 minutes, Mercer Island in 25 minutes and then into downtown Seattle to the International District Station in 38 minutes.

2 Line Basics

An ORCA card is the easiest way to pay and only way to transfer between buses and trains.

Fares are $2.25-2.50 depending on how far you travel. Reduced fares are available, youth ride free.

Trains will run every 10 mins, 5:30am to 9:30pm, 7 days a week

Plan your trip and see great bus connections.

Sample Renderings

The Seattle Transit Blog features a number of new renderings of the two new stations to be added to Downtown Redmond. Click here to view the designs and learn more of the details from the design packets linked to the site. 

2 Line GRAND Opening Flickr

OneRedmond created a flickr album showcasing the grand opening of the Redmond Technology Station in April of 2024.