Thinking About Moving Your Business?

Moving your business can offer significant opportunities but also involve extensive planning and costs. Assembling the right team to help you navigate the moving process will make the experience go more smoothly. Below is a list of local commercial real estate brokers, financial advisors, and moving service providers that may be able to provide services you need. 

Contact OneRedmond

OneRedmond stands ready to assist your company as it navigates the relocation process. From connecting you to the right experts to researching new real estate options, OneRedmond’s team wants to help support and keep you here.

Analyze Your Options

Consider tapping into the King County REACH Program (Retention, Expansion, and Collaboration Hub), which offers free assessments, connects businesses to information and resources, and acts as a matchmaker for businesses within King County. 

Consider Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Broker

If you are interested in relocating your business, engaging with a local commercial real estate broker may be of great benefit. In addition to providing access to CoStar, a comprehensive commercial real estate database with real time listings, a commercial broker can represent you during the lease/purchase negotiation process.

Additional Technical Resources

The Northwest Region Small Business Transportation Resource Center (SBTRC) offers an array of technical services to businesses including business analyses, capital access, and surety bond assistance.