Menka Soni

President, Ravishing Women; OneRedmond Foundation Secretary

An entrepreneur and community leader who strives to enrich culture diversity and inclusion and have a tangible impact by walking the philosophy of “growing together”. With over 20 years of progressive & diverse experience in IT, transitioned to do something which harness my creativity and passion by exploring new concepts including leadership, diverse fashion & pageantry, event management and courage to go out of comfort zone. Strong believer of giving back to community, have established and manage City of Redmond based 501-C3 nonprofit org named Ravishing Women with mission to Encourage, Inspire, Appreciate & Empower Women.Actively involved with many non profit organizations providing value added though leadership. Have been humbled to be key note and motivational speaker on various forums.

Founder & CEO of North America Fashion Week and Producer & Director of big community events to promote arts, culture, multiculturalism, diversity & tourism. WA & OR State Director of Miss / Mrs / Miss Teen India, International Director for Mr & Ms. Asia North America, Mrs. India Canada.


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