Menka Soni

President, AmPowering; OneRedmond Foundation Secretary

An entrepreneur and community leader who strives to enrich culture diversity and inclusion and have a tangible impact by walking the philosophy of “growing together”.

Menka is founder and president of the nonprofit, AmPowering, which focuses on communities in King County and works at a grassroots level to address homelessness and food security along with other transformative empowerment projects. Through their mobile food bank, she is helping families on the verge of homelessness by providing interim shelters in hotels and all necessary support. She is an advocate of equitable and impactful resources for affordable housing. Outside AmPowering, Menka is Arts Commissioner with City of Redmond, LTAC board member with City of Renton and appointed by the Mayor of Renton as special Inclusion Task Force member and advisory board member of South King County for Housing & Homelessness Partners (SKHHP). Menka is known as a community connector and organizer of big charity & arts & culture events that not only bring communities together to bridge the gap, but also help to provide resources to homeless neighbors. Menka also works for T Mobile, where she is involved in various DEI initiative and was awarded as DEI Champion by President of technology. She is also awarded Gold medal for her community services as President Volunteer Service award, by President of USA. With her involvement in city, community & corporate, she brings great experience.  She also a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple businesses and additionally brings real estate knowledge and experience with her. Menka demonstrates a personal passion for relationship building and community outreach work and will bring to the One Redmond Foundation both her grassroots level experience along with corporate connections.


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