Bob Ferguson

Owner, Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames

Bob Ferguson is the founder and owner/manager Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond. He has been a Redmond resident since 1975with his wife Shirley Ferguson. They have been married 57 years and counting. They have two sons, Neil and David who now own and manage BF Crafts and Frames Redmond.

Before relocating to Redmond, Bob managed FW Woolworth stores 1959-1975 with the last of those 7 years in Honolulu.

Bob is proud to be Chief Wellness Grandpa to triplet girls born 2003. It is said that it takes a village to raise multiples and Bob has been proud to be a significant part of that village.

As Founder of Sierra Pacific Crafts a membership organization, Bob created an organization devoted to the success of some 200 independent craft retailers across the U.S.

To further assist independent retailers, Bob founded an importing company that allowed independent retailers to successfully compete with large chain retailers.

As a leader in the industry, Bob spent 13 years on the Board of Directors of the Hobby and Crafts Association of America an organization of 20,000 members worldwide.

Bob continues his public service as a member of the Board of Trustees EvergreenHealth hospital Foundation 2007-current

His hobbies include golf where he has managed to butcher up courses in the US and Taiwan, China, and across Europe.

Bob is an avid wine collector with special interest in wines from Italy, Spain and Washington state and when he can afford them, from California too.

Bob loves the city of Redmond and all that it represents to our local and regional residents and on the world stage through the good names of the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo, Genie Industries, DigiPen Institute and so many others.

As a very creative person, Bob enjoys one on one and team interactions. With years of leading organizations, Bob is now looking to be part of the team rather than stepping into management roles. Technology is not his forte’ but he has a very smart son who keeps him in the loop of the online world.


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