Marketing Your Business During a Crisis

Customers are not coming through the door, events are being cancelled, and there are many unknowns around the corner. This presents challenges for businesses. Below are some resources for you to consider.

Top 5 Things to do first

  1. Alert us of your products and services and we can connect you to local support pages.
  2. Ensure customers can access your products and services online and through apps. 
  3. Alert the community in social media groups and email lists of what you are doing to keep them safe and make buying your product or service is easy.
  4. Make sure your posts to tag your chamber and city on Facebooks posts so we can share as well!
  5. Restaurants! A new Eastside Restaurant Support group on Facebook for Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue and surrounding eastside localities has almost 3,000 members actively posting about how they can and are supporting local restaurants. Join to add your restaurant or to help support!

Using Technology to Expand Outreach

Social media tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all popular and inexpensive ways to market your businesses to potential customers. Below are links to online tutorials on how to set up and effectively use these tools to reach your target market.

Facebook Launches New Portal For Businesses Affected by COVID-19

Facebook knows that businesses like yours may also be experiencing unexpected challenges, and we’re committed to providing as much support as possible. 

A wealth of information is here including preparing a customer service plan, and hosting online events.

Ideas for Putting Your Business Online

As social distancing and quarantine measures are imposed, businesses are getting creative with taking their businesses online. Below are some options with links:

Hosting Virtual Events Online with Skype Meeting Broadcast or other Virtual Event Tools