Marketing Your Business During and After Construction

Light rail construction will inevitably create some challenges both for businesses located in the construction area and for customers who want to visit businesses in person. Below are some resources to assist you market your business during light rail construction.

Podcast: Alex Fong, CEO of Signarama Redmond

In this 30-minute podcast, Signarama CEO Alex Fong offers marketing ideas for how technology enables small businesses to punch above their weight line and feel like they can accomplish much more despite being a small business.”

Using Technology to Expand Outreach

Social media tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all popular and inexpensive ways to market your businesses to potential customers. Below are links to online tutorials on how to set up and effectively use these tools to reach your target market.

Ribbon Cuttings!

Ribbon Cuttings are more than just a red ribbon and scissors. It can be a great opportunity to celebrate a new program, logo, or even a piece of equipment. Leverage our mail list of 17,000 people and our social media followers to get your brand in front of potential customers.